This captivating, engaging and at times darkly humorous podcast is hosted by Kim, a true crime fanatic, her comedy writer husband, and his TV producing partner and looks to shed new light on the dangers that lurk when your relaxation is up and your guard is down.

83 – Suzanne Collins

In 1985, Suzanne Collins was a United States Marine Corps Lance Corporal who was kidnapped, raped, and murdered while stationed on the military base in Millington, Tennessee. Law enforcement charged Sedley Alley with the crime and he claimed to have multiple personality disorder.

82 – Tanna Togstad & Timothy Mumbrue

Tanna Togstad, and her boyfriend, Timothy Mumbrue, were found stabbed to death in Tanna’s Royalton, WI farmhouse on March 21, 1992. Police identified Tony Haase as a suspect after a DNA sample was taken from him during a traffic stop. Tanna’s father had been involved in a snowmobile accident that resulted in the death of Haase’s father.

80 – Neil LaFave

Neil LaFave was a DNA warden who was killed in the Sensiba Wildlife Area in Green Bay by 21-year-old Brian Hussong. LaFave issued a citation to Hussong for hunting out of season and this was what sparked the crime.

75 – Charlene Dvorak & Garland Hampton

15-year-old Charlene Dvorak was found barely alive in a secluded municipal park by a railroad bridge. She died two days later. 2 classmates were responsible for the crime. 15-year-old Garland Hampton immersed himself in gang culture because of his childhood trauma and shot his friend over $100 dollars that went missing.

74 – Carol Knepp

Carol Knepp was murdered on February 19, 1996, right after she celebrated a year of marriage to Gary Knepp. They purportedly had a good relationship, but Gary had an affair with his friend’s wife, Lisa Hostetter, and this extramarital relationship led to the crime.

73 – Lorenzo Fayne

Lorenzo Fayne was an American serial killer and necrophile who was active from 1989 to 1993. They did not quickly capture him because he lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and East St. Louis, Illinois. Plus, the police were understaffed in a time of record murders and underfunding to where they couldn’t afford car radios.