55 – Travis Reinking

4 people died and 2 were seriously injured when Travis Reinking shot up a Waffle House outside of Nashville, Tennessee in 2018. Reinking suffered from severe schizophrenia and law enforcement took his guns away prior to the incident. The father gave the guns back to his son a few months prior to the shooting.

54 – Peggy Johnson

A woman was found deceased in a cornfield in the Town of Raymond in 1999. It took 20 years for police to identify the victim and find her killer, Linda LaRoche, who was a registered nurse living in Cape Coral, Florida.

52 – Rob Andrew

Brenda Andrew and boyfriend James Pavatt killed her husband, Rob Andrew, to collect on his $800,000 life insurance policy. Brenda, James, and Brenda’s two children fled to Mexico but were eventually captured. Brenda and James currently sit on Oklahoma’s death row.

48 – Rusty Sneiderman

Rusty Sneiderman had big dreams. This Harvard MBA was trying to be an entrepreneur when he was gunned down after dropping his son off at school. After weeks of investigation, law enforcement disproved that the murderer was the boss of Rusty Sneiderman’s wife.

47 – Randall Woodfield

Randall Woodfield was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1974 and was dropped before the season started. The organization never released an official statement but Law Enforcement was aware that Woodfield was exposing himself to women. After his time with the Packers, Woodfield’s behavior escalated to robbery, rape, and murder.

Erika Antoinette Hill

A 15-year-old girl goes missing and no one searches for her, no one reports her missing, and no one was looking out for her well being including the family, friends, and members of the community that might have kept her safe.

42 – Kristin Baldwin

A successful east coast lawyer moved to LA to live a celebrity lifestyle. A porn actor friend introduced him to Kristin Baldwin, and several months later, the pair got into a drug-fueled argument in his Hollywood Hills home. Kristin was never seen alive after that night.

41 – Dusty Harless

Dusty had a job he enjoyed and was well-liked. He was a collegiate championship wrestler and was an up-and-coming wakeboarder. Plus Dusty was engaged. His was about to change when he had a chance encounter with a man named David Genzler.

40 – Andrew Luster

Andrew Luster was the heir to the Max Factor Cosmetics fortune. He lived a life of a leisure, never had a job, and spent much of his time surfing. Luster pursued women who were significantly younger and he assaulted several victims unbeknownst to them by slipping GHB into drinks.

39 – Samuel Sheinbein

A Maryland high school senior fled to Israel after murdering another teenager. The incident escalated tensions between the US and Israel. 17 years after the crime, the main perpetrator found himself in a standoff with the Israel Prison Service and this case ended in tragedy for every family involved.