36 – Pamela Bulik

Pam had a family she loved, was running competitively, and had a tight-knit circle of friends. She was living her best life until she was found deceased in her bathtub on the morning she was supposed to run a half marathon. When law enforcement took a closer look, Pam’s life was not as together as it seemed and her husband was not as innocent as their friends believed.

30 – Brown’s Chicken Massacre (Part 2 of 2)

Dick and Lynn Ehlenfeldt bought a Brown’s Chicken franchise in Palatine, Illinois and created an environment where all the employees felt like it was their second family. On the night of January 8th, 1993, everyone working in the store was murdered and the case remained unsolved for 9 years. Two men were finally convicted of the crimes.

20 – Yeardley Love

Yeardley was a University of Virginia student-athlete on the cusp of college graduation. She was close with her mother and sister, and was the heart and soul of the UVA lacrosse team. After she broke up with her boyfriend, he ended her life. The signs of abuse were there but people who orbited the couple lacked the tools to provide help.

18 – Lawrencia “Bambi” Bembenek

A young woman was wrongfully fired from the police force. She moved on with life and married detective Fred Schultz. When his ex-wife was found deceased, the young woman was convicted of murder and suspected she was framed by Fred and the Milwaukee Police Department. When she escaped from prison, the public cheered her on … Read more