17 – Kimberly Saenz

It is rare for kidney patients to die during a dialysis procedure. After Kimberly Saenz joined the DaVita dialysis clinic as an LVN, paramedics were called to the clinic 30 times in one month. Several patients died and many were harmed in that short amount of time. Show Credits: Research by: Haley GrayScript Writing, Editing, … Read more

16 – Brenda Spencer

Brenda Spencer, the infamous school shooter, killed 2 and injured 9 because she didn’t like Mondays. Show Credits: Research by: Laura DelgadoScript Writing, Editing, and Audio Production by: Renee Lynn Show Sponsors: Better HelpFor 10% off your first month use code: beyondcontempt Best Fiends Show Sources: Shoot it all Down’ Teen school shooter Brenda Spencer … Read more

15 – Taylor Wright

Former crime scene technician Ashley McArthur was accused of murdering her friend and private investigator Taylor Wright. Taylor was going through a contentious divorce and asked Ashley to hold some of her money. Taylor disappeared in September 2017 and her body turned up several weeks later on a property owned by Ashley McArthur’s family. Show … Read more

13 – The Monfils 6

A paper mill worker was found dead in a paper vat. Two and a half years later 6 men were arrested. If you listened to the news at the time, this case was a slam dunk. As time went on, many issues surfaced. The state’s case had major holes. Witnesses recanted, corruption was uncovered, and one of the convicted was exonerated. This is the story of the Monfils 6.